What Happens When You Hurt a Virgo Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Virgo Woman?

If you have taken the Virgo woman for granted, she will be hurt. When a Virgo woman leaves, she struggles to deal with the pain. While she may not adopt a tit-for-tat approach, she will turn a blind eye to your existence in case she is done for good. How do Virgos act when hurt and how do they deal with breakups? How to know when a Virgo woman is not interested in you anymore? How do Virgos react to being ignored?

Here is everything you need to know about the Virgo woman, how she acts and behaves when she is mad, upset or hurt and how to deal with that.

She'll stop communicating

Virgo women like to keep it simple. They are too focused on their careers and other responsibilities to waste time trying to engage themselves in unnecessary drama. If you were seriously involved in a relationship with a Virgo woman and she has stopped talking or replying to your messages out of the blue, she is holding resentment against you. She wants loyalty and expects no casual behavior from a lover. He'll need to make her feel secure. If the Virgo woman senses your lack of reciprocity, she is likely to grow cold and withdraw into her space sometimes without an explanation.

She'll be judgemental

She is a perfectionist which drives her judgemental behavior. She wants to ensure everything follows a routine and pattern that does not disrupt her structured way of life. She'll judge you and hurl sarcastic comments when she wants to express her disappointment. She is intolerant of dishonesty. She'll make you aware of everything you haven done incorrectly or about those times when you haven't made the efforts to make her feel special or cared for. As a mercurial person, she will hesitate the least from bluntly driving her point home.

She'll want it her way

Like a child she'll throw fits of rage and expect conformity from her partner if he is keen on pursuing a relationship with the Virgo woman. She'll be insensitive to your expectations and keep herself detached from any emotional or physical intimacy with you. She'll hold you at a distance, immediately guarding herself from further harm. If you have differences with her, she'll bring the issues up and try to prove herself right without accepting your viewpoint, often appearing controlling and refusing to accept your excuses.

She is passive aggressive

The virgin of the zodiac is highly sensitive. If she has run out of patience, your relationship with her has reached a dead end. She needs to be handled with care and respect, lest she is the least interested in flings and uncommitted lovers. If you have managed to make her angry, her passive aggression will be on full display. Her anger may not explode right away but she'll lash out in small doses. If the Virgo woman was attached to you, she may not give up on you immediately. As an earth sign, her stubbornness reflects crudely when she is considering the thought of leaving you for good.

She is suspicious

It's hard to win over a Virgo woman's trust. As she is unforgiving of reckless behavior, she could be affected if she senses something fishy in your conduct. Her highly analytical mind will dig up all reasons to justify your acts and if it fails to satisfy her curiosity, she'll walk out of your life. As a genuinely sincere person, she loves to believe in her partner and stick by him through the thick and thin. But if their calculative mind starts to take over because of your distrustful motives, she'll show you the door soon.

She'll hold grudges against you

The women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are generally in control of their anger. A Virgo female will annoy you with her tantrums. It is difficult for her to let go and move on easily. As a highly invested individual in whatever she commits to, it is disturbing to her when her partner displays a lack of understanding or shows no concern for her feelings. Virgos can handle solitude. If your presence in her life saps her energy or disturbs her peace of mind or daily functioning, she won't mind finally trashing out her lingering feelings for you.

She'll remind your of your misdoings

On being insulted by a partner, the Virgo woman would be inconsiderate of your defensive stance. All your hurtful activities will start playing in her mind for she has a sharp memory. In case she is in the mood for a debate, it will be hard to convince her of your perspective if there has been a misunderstanding whatsoever. If your investment of time and energy into the relationship is over, consider her paying no regard to you. So, your existence won't matter to the Virgo woman once she has made up her mind to leave you out in the cold.

She'll seem busier

When a Virgo woman is disappointed, she will take upon herself greater responsibilities to divert her attention from the pain she is undergoing. It is likelier for her to focus upon her work to keep her emotions under check. If she is aware that she has been taken advantage of, she'll make sure she has no time for you. With a heart so generous, they often forget to put themselves first before others. However, when her emotions are further crushed, there is undoubtedly no time for play anymore. She'll have all the time in the world for her career than for you.

She'll avoid meeting you

Virgo women keep their expectations low. Being a very practical woman, they want to avoid all complications in life. When they are not loved in return, they could find it hard to forgive. They could have trouble confronting complex feelings when they see you in person. While she may not cut you off right away, she will make excuses to avoid being around you. She'll lack the excitement that she earlier did when you planned to meet her. Any lack of gratitude for everything that she does in a relationship will be dealt coldly.

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