Why are Libras so Cold?

Why are Libras so Cold?


The Scales of the zodiac are social and diplomatic. They are social butterflies who'll get along with people with similar mental compatibility. When Libras are hurt or trapped in bad relationships, they'll put on a tough exterior. They suffer silently without displaying a hostile show of rage. So, what makes Libras pull away? Why is a Libra ignoring you? How do you know if a Libra has lost interest? How to know if a Libra man or woman is done with you?

Here are a few facts you should know why Libras are so cold and emotionally closed off:

Why are Libras so difficult?

Libra natives are obsessed about maintaining balance around them. Sometimes, it may be tiresome to understand what caused resentment in their hearts even though they might pretend to be calm and in control of the situation. But once they turn away, they'll cut off all ties. They are often hypocritical concealing their true wishes and desires. Such indecisiveness and manipulative behaviour enables them to hide their feelings and subvert their emotions. When they are fussy or restless, they'll disregard everyone else and nullify all efforts of reconciliation.

Do Libras hide their feelings?

Libras will simply conceal their feelings when they are desperate to avoid any attachment. They are flighty and seemingly preoccupied appearing cold and impersonal in their actions. Such behaviour is an attempt to avoid complications as they value their independence dearly. They have commitment issues and therefore their uninvolvement is a tact to preserve their image of a diplomatic and cooperative individual.

What are Libra's weaknesses?

The men and women born under the Libra Zodiac sign are standoffish and unreliable. When triggered, they are not forgiving. They are all about ideas and creativity and seldom able to materialise or practise what they preach. Their lack of firmness in decision-making pushes them to execute their plans in haste. Their moodiness and ego displays an unfriendly nature when people don't meet their standards. A constant requirement of company makes them pushovers and a sound intellect could make a Libra ignore or belittle others.

What does a Libra do when angry?

When angry, they'll distance themselves from those who neglect their opinions or expect them to follow someone's lead. They are confident individuals who could become depressed when they are snapped at. This bottled up emotions could resurface unexpectedly and they'll disappear from the lives of those that once mattered to them. They may not be able to showcase their true selves and let go of their negativity.

What does Libra hate the most?

Libras hate being confrontational or active aggressive. They are classy and graceful and would expect people to behave a certain way. Stupidity and vulgarity makes them crazy. They are intolerant of being kept in the dark or furnished with half-baked information. Illogical arguments and being taken for granted is dislikeable to Librans. They'll never be comfortable with being tied down or controlled. Though they make friends easily, they'll be put off by unclassy conduct and dull or boring communication.

How do Libras act when mad?

If rubbed the wrong way, they'll burn the bridges and never look back again. They are terrible at managing their anger and could spit out their frustration insensitively. While they are sweet and indifferent and prefer minding their own business, if hurt, they'll lash out their vengeance. When surrounded by an unpleasant situation, they could struggle to manage their anger. They'll stop caring about you and keep you at a distance to avoid entertaining any complications in their life. Libras should stay away from earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As these signs could be easily angered by inconclusive actions,  they'll never get along in the long-run.

Why are Libras so distant?

Libra males and females want to be stress-free. They could have a hard time making choices when in the midst of a dilemma. They'll be disconnected and a hopelessness might creep into their minds when they are no longer in control of their lives. They may never feel the need to continue an intimate relationship when they are unsure of the potential of the partner. With an endless list of expectations often hard to meet, they'll want to avoid any sort of disappointment in their relationships. So, a hot and cold behavior of the Libra could be a hint at their lack of interest in you or their plain rejection of being close to you.


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