Why Pisces Can't Let Go? 6 Reasons!

Why Pisces Can't Let Go? 6 Reasons!


Pisces can become self-destructive when they have to deal with breakups. Getting over someone doesn't happen overnight with these sensitive individuals. They'll stalk and keep a close track of their former partner. Why can't Pisces get over or forget their ex? Why do they have trouble moving on after a breakup? Why do Pisces absolutely want to get back to their old lover?

Here are 6 reasons why Pisces can't let go, struggle to ignore the past hurt and move on in life:

1. Pisces are so dramatic

Although Pisces natives may seem cute and nice, they'll shock you with the drama they create when things don't go their way. They hate controlling or arguing with their lovers even if they are hurt or disappointed. Pisces however, could act cool and detached but they'll be all teary eyed and deeply sentimental to drive forth their point. They love being pampered and spoiled. While they don't demand, they'll use their gift of charm and innocence to get what they want. So, when a partner chooses to break up, it's pretty difficult to handle them or calm them down.

2. Pisces are so sensitive

Call them the delicate darlings, Pisces wear a cold face but feel too deeply for their loved ones. They think through their hearts and therefore, logic does not go well with the Pisces natives. They'll be pained if their partner wants to let go of a relationship they put so much work into. They hate the feeling of being uncared for or neglected. They want to settle down with a partner they love so hard. They are quite clingy and hence, moving on is difficult for the Pisces as they love unconditionally with intense devotion.

3. Pisces are so psychotic

They are imaginative beings who believe in the intangible aspects of life. The unknown is supremely attractive to the Piscean man or woman and they live to indulge themselves in ideas that push them closer to attaining salvation. They speak quite vaguely sometimes and therefore, their love language may seem quite ‘weird' or ‘abnormal' to nonbelievers. Immersing themselves in self-destructive activities could be a norm and while this gives them peace, their partner could perceive it as reckless behavior. So, when a lover brands them negatively and chooses to split up, they will struggle to handle their frustration.

4. Pisces are so picky

Pisces men and women could repeatedly go back to their exes after the breakup. While they try to maintain a cool and composed demeanor and never brag about their choices, they are still particular about the choice of a partner or their general likes and dislikes. As water signs, they are certainly adaptable but in love they want distinct traits of sensibility, sensitivity and stability in a partner. If they don't feel safe around someone, they could easily give up. However, if they are comfortable and used to someone, it could be hard for them to put their emotions together.

5. Pisces get attached easily

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are super compassionate towards all. To them, love is everything and they would always dream of an ideal partner and a family to build. It's difficult for them to avoid thinking about an ex if they have had a great impact in their life. They love the feeling of being comforted and conversed with respect and understanding. No matter how crazy their fantasies seem, they expect to be handled with care. This means they give it their all and withdrawing from their commitment is harsh to come to terms with.

6. Pisces hate being alone

When a Pisces male or female chooses to be alone, it's a private time they seek to involve themselves in their creative talents. They love their space and like to have an exclusive moment where they can unwind and involve in deep conversations in their minds. They are known to have imaginary friends and can zone out in their thoughts of the other-world. However, if a partner fails to involve them in their decisions or makes them feel unwanted, it will impact them negatively. They are independent beings who cannot be caged or made to conform. So, when Pisces feel rejected in love, they'll seek answers or resolution to the problem rather than give up.


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