Why are Pisces so Cold?

Why are Pisces so Cold?


Pisces are so intuitive that they'll quickly pick on clues that you no longer desire them. When Pisces is hurt or insulted, they would seem detached or indifferent. What makes it so hard to make Pisces fall in love? Why are Pisces so difficult to get along with? How do Pisces behave when they are done with you? Why are Pisces so cold and distant?

Here are 6 reasons why Pisces lose interest so quickly and push you away:

1. Pisces are so complex

If there is any Zodiac sign that firmly believes in magic, it's Pisces. They take things too personally. They are deeply intuitive beings who wish to escape into an unknown space. They have a bad reputation for being aloof and distant but it is truly a method of seeking knowledge of the underworld. If you expect Pisces to give to a logical answer, it's a bad idea. They'll get into an introspective mood without a warning and if you perceive it to be an escape, you'll need to deal with it.

2. Pisces are so secretive

Pisces men and women will hide their feelings from the world. They'll conceal their emotions so that they aren't played with. No matter how much they crave to speak to someone they totally adore, they'll always feel scared to let go of the control they have over their lives. They'll speak cautiously and listen empathetically. They want to help you explore the mystical side of life. As a lot of knowledge is revealed to them through their involvement with spirituality, hence, they are careful of the information they divulge so that they are not branded crazy.

3. Pisces are so nonchalant

Despite the fact that Pisces deals with rough waves of emotions internally, they portray a calm disposition on the outside. So are so soft, graceful and at peace externally that you'll believe in their ability to offer you sound advice and help you relax. As friends, they are great to hang out with. You'll love the way they fill you with hopes and optimism. They'll cheer you up when you feel low but that's only after you have managed to win over their faith.

4. Pisces are so rare

Pisces males and females are such selfless givers that you'll always have a soft corner for them. Conversations with Pisces is never difficult because they'll offer a well rounded perspective, never judging your way of looking at life. Their optimism is a major bonus because they will find a balance in the most tumultuous situations. They love their freedom and exploring different cultures. What makes Pisces truly rare is the fact that they love truly deeply. They are so considerate that sometimes they could forget their own needs just to make people happy. To them, love is unconditional and blind. No logic can explain how they feel about themselves and those around them. But when they learn about the misdoings of their loved ones, they'll hold back their niceness and make a quick escape.

5. Pisces are very secretive

Pisces natives will hold back their knowledge in a threatening space. They hate to feel unappreciated or misjudged. They are sensual and have vivid fantasies. They indulge in random escapades and like to keep their sex life very private. Even when Pisces fall in love, they'll keep it to themselves without bragging much about their partners. They keep their accomplishments to themselves because bragging about achievements is not their agenda no matter how talented they are. They prefer a silent demeanor over beating their own drums. To them, communication needs to be on a soul level needing no coercion.

6. Pisces are so difficult

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are so dreamy and deep that they could be easily misinterpreted as notorious and inconsistent. They do not live in the material world though their body may be physically present. They like to stay unpredictable, innocently pulling themselves out of difficult challenges with tact and diplomacy. They may not really stand up for a cause unless it affects them on a soul level. They'll accumulate their frustration for a long period of time making it difficult for their partners to understand their real intentions and expectations. They are calm and relaxed as they have a firm belief that everything is transient and hence, not worth losing their cool over.


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