Why are Pisces so Rare?

Why are Pisces so Rare?

Pisces are mystical beings, dreamy, permanent dwellers living in a fantasy bubble. While they are connected to the earth, their mind takes them to spaces in the galaxy that are unexplored. So, why are Pisces so rare and so different from other Zodiac signs? What makes Pisces natives so unique and mysterious? What's so special about Pisces?

If you're wondering what's so unique about a Pisces native, here is what you need to know according to astrology:

Pisces are so good in bed

Pisces will tempt you to taste the forbidden fruit and make you escape in the forest of enchantment. They are magical beings who belong to another world. Their imagination is wild and uninhibited so all you'll experience sexually with them is pure ecstasy. Sex with Pisces women is satisfying because they pour out their heart and soul into the act of lovemaking. Their love is pure, almost surreal and divine. They love kissing and caressing, having mischievous exchanges with their beloved. As intuitive lovers Pisces can attract your attention and make their hypnotic effect felt on you.

Pisces are so compassionate

Pisces is known for its generosity. A heart which is made of gold, Pisces are one of the most selfless people you will ever come across. They are so compassionate and kind that it's hard to not fall in love with them. They have a nurturing quality which makes them quite dependable to people. Great counselors and listeners, they offer great support and motivation to the broken and distressed.

Pisces are so sensitive

Pisces are so emotional, gentle, and sensitive that they can easily relate to people's problems. On the negative side, this makes them push-overs who sometimes take everything too personally. It could leave them wounded and deeply pained. Their love doesn't discriminate. They are innocent and elegant beings who can uplift those around them and spread happiness wherever they go. Supremely knowledgeable yet humble, Pisces will never display a know-it-all attitude. Their sensitivity makes them so innocent and charming that they can easily win even the toughest people. Yes, if you've come across the nicest beings ever, chances are they could be a Pisces!

Pisces are so mysterious

Pisces are different to many people because they are introverted and shy. They could easily feel nervous in a crowd. It's never easy to know what goes on in a Pisces' mind because they seem to be hiding secrets of the other world. They love the metaphysical and the occult. The mysterious nature of a Pisces imparts an uncertainty around them. It draws curious souls towards them. Their emotions are deep-seated so you'll never truly know what they feel. Pisces is captivating and yet fun and easy to hang out with.

Pisces are so creative

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign have extremely creative minds. When their creative juices flow, Pisces knows no logic or science. Speak of unusual ideas and they'll blow your mind with the plethora of knowledge they hold. They are damn smart yet do not haggle for praise or admiration. The artsy nature of Pisces makes them quite talented. They are often seen to possess multiple skills especially in the fields of fine arts or music.

Pisces are so loving

Love with a Pisces is quite rare, something you will never experience again. They are known to be blind lovers, ones who love without logic or rationality. They are utterly romantic and passionate souls. They exude such grace and charm that it's hard to ignore their loving gestures or words of affection. Super adorable and cute, count on a Pisces man or woman to floor you with their dedication and loyalty. Once they are committed, they love like no other.

Pisces are so mystical

Pisces men and women are not ordinary beings. Being the last sign in the zodiac wheel, they possess the knowledge and understanding of the signs that precede them. They are dedicated to seeking knowledge of the other-world. They wish to immerse themselves in the love of the divine. Quite mythical beings, Pisces natives have a pristine aura around them. The mystical demeanor often makes them indulgent in pleasures of all sorts. But that has a magical appeal which sets them apart from the others.

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