What Happens When You Hurt an Aries Man?

What Happens When You Hurt an Aries Man?

Aries men are straightforward and impulsive. They are hasty decision-makers. So, when your Aries man is hurt, be prepared for the unexpected, and it's usually a bad experience. So, how does an Aries man behave when he receives a setback in love? What makes an Aries man angry and pull him away? What do Aries men hate the most and what makes them lose interest in a lover? What happens when an Aries man is upset? Will he ignore you or will he forgive you?

Here is what happens when you hurt an Aries man and some tips and answers on the possible ways an Aries man expresses his desire to end a relationship:

How does an Aries man act when he is hurt?

When an Aries man is hurt, he will be angry. That's his first emotional reaction to being betrayed or toyed with. Born with a fiery temper, the Aries man will want to be left alone, knowing fully well that his anger is capable of wreaking havoc.

The Aries man will withdraw and spend some time on his own, refusing to explain himself. But this could be momentary as he needs to let out his pain or grudge to relieve himself. He'll walk to ensure nobody sees him cry as his ego doesn't let him lose his ground or control before anyone else.

Aries men could also get into a heated argument with you, prepared to raze you to the ground if you cause them emotional upheavals. While they are perfectly capable of detaching themselves and moving on for good, they'll ensure you have a piece of their mind before they finally leave.

Aries men could probably yell and humiliate you if you have been unkind to them or manipulated them by taking advantage of their feelings for you. They are usually serious once they have decided to pursue someone. They'll scare you off with their rage, impulsive causing destruction if they feel the world around them crash.

So, when an Aries man is hurt, they are quite intense and difficult to handle. Their fearless and aggressive attitude makes them a force that is too hard to counter unless you are prepared to meet them with tact and diplomacy.

Do Aries hold grudges?

If an Aries native falls in true love with you and they are cheated on, they wouldn't forgive you. They'll ensure they have avenged the wrong done to them and justice is served, by hook or crook.

Aries live by the mantra of taking every challenge that comes their way and fighting to the finish, for everything is fair in love and war for these natives. So, if you've caused them pain, you may not gauge the wrath of an Aries man.

They'll never forget what you did to them and if the pain lingers, they'll give you a taste of your own medicine however they can. If their feelings discomfort them, they would be the last people to let that subside or die out. They'll face it to settle scores with their enemy, come what may.

How to apologize to an Aries man?

To apologize to an Aries man avoid going round and round in circles. Think clearly and place your arguments in a logical fashion. Apologize to an Aries man like you genuinely meant it and you have plans to make concrete amends and mend your ways if you wish to live with them.

Never be pushy around an Aries man asking them to follow your deadlines, especially when they are already irritated by you. Leave them alone and let them decide when they would like to establish a communication with you or even patch up with you.

Never say mean things to an Aries man when you are trying to resolve a complicated situation with them. When Aries men are irritated they are already burning, ready to be harsh and cruel to you. So, blaming them or trying to guilt-trip them is not the right approach. It will backfire if you aren't careful.

Do Aries guys move on quickly?

The ultra masculine Aries male is confident and charismatic. They are straightforward and can easily garner attention with their action-oriented attitude and zest for life.

This also means that they do have a strong following of the opposite sex. Aries men are players. Often infamous for random, reckless behaviors, Aries guys can easily find someone for romantic or sexual pleasures.

Aries is a powerful Zodiac sign that is known for initiating and beginning things. So, they are sudden and unpredictable. They can quickly give up and find greener pastures if their interests aren't served.

How do you know when an Aries man is over you and wants to break up?

When an Aries man is over you, he'll start lying to you. He will maintain a distance from you and refuse to share his secrets with you. He will make excuses about work if you want to meet him. That's a strong sign that the Aries man is not interested in you.

When the men born under the Aries Zodiac sign want to break up, they often seem annoyed, grumpy and complaining about their partners. They will pick faults with you and make you feel unworthy or not good enough for them.

Aries men can be quite sneaky and cold when they are done with you. They will ensure you know that you mean nothing to them without being too vague about it. When you feel cut off or kept away from being too involved in the life of your Aries man, it's a sign they have given up on you.

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