How Much of a Libra Are You? Our Quiz!

How Much of a Libra Are You? Our Quiz!

The disarmingly charming Libra attracts everyone to themselves. No wonder everyone wants to be them. Alas! not all are as lucky to be born under the Libra Sun Sign. But you can have some qualities of the Libra Personality in you depending upon where you have Libra in your natal chart. Libra zodiac sign in the ascendant or moon sign means that it does have some impact on your personality. So, ready to find out how much Libra you have in yourself?

Take the Libra personality quiz to find out!

Libra Personality Quiz

Libra Personality traits

Libras are blessed by their ruler, the Roman Goddess Venus. It is this blessing that makes them so attractive, irresistible and romantic. You will seldom find a Libra who doesn’t have an attractive personality (see Why are Libras so attractive?).

But that is not their best trait. The Libran sense of justice and fairness is what sets them apart. They are practitioners of honesty and hold others who practice candor in high regard. They seldom let anything unfair happen around them. It doesn’t matter where the injustice is happening or to whom, Libra will always stand up for what’s right.

But there is a flip side to their awesomeness. Their inability to make decisions on time is the talk of legends. When pressurized into making a decision, they always go back on their word. This percolates to their relationships as well where they find it extremely difficult to make a commitment. But that romantic personality makes up for everything else, doesn’t it?

Learn more about the Libra's woman personality, the meaning of the Libra's symbol and spirit animal, the Libra's dark side and negative traits, and some of the most eminent Libras throughout history and across the world.

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