How to Make an Aquarius Man Feel Guilty?

How to Make an Aquarius Man Feel Guilty?


Making an Aquarius man apologize or accept the wrong he committed may be quite challenging.

He is indeed stubborn and strong-headed...

So, how to make an Aquarius man regret hurting you? How to make him apologize and say sorry? What hurts him the most? How do Aquarius men react to hurt and how to make him feel bad?

If an Aquarius man has done you wrong, here is how astrology can help you to make a Aquarius man feel guilty and apologize to you:

How to make an Aquarius man say sorry?

The Aquarius man is presumed to be lacking emotions as he is ruled by the strict disciplinarian Saturn.

While the Aquarius man has plenty of connections and can easily make friends, he prefers to stay a bit detached in order to avoid emotional entanglements.

Making an Aquarius man say sorry is hard and nearly impossible since he needs to be logically convinced.

He isn't someone who can be swayed by sweet talk or emotional blackmail. Only when you have strong facts in place, can you show him clear reasons why he needs to be apologetic.

This doesn't mean his emotions are dried up!

He does understand feelings but it's difficult for the Aquarius man to show what he feels.

It could be hurting him inside to see that someone he loves has been hurt by an action of his.

But it needs a great deal of convincing for the Aquarius man to finally give up on his ego and rational judgement and relate to your emotional needs.

How to make an Aquarius man apologize?

It is hard to make an Aquarius man miss you and apologize to get you back if you decided to call it quits.

Making an Aquarius male apologetic is no easy feat, for that would mean that he has accepted an intellectual defeat.

He feels vulnerable and unguarded.

The Aquarius man doesn't want to feel so weak that he has to admit to something he doesn't feel he has done wrong.

It's hard to convince an Aquarius guy that he can ever be at fault. He would think that an apology makes him reveal a certain flaw in him that he has tried so hard to conceal.

And that is something he will wish to avoid at any cost.

Because of the fact that the man born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign is so skilled in mental affairs and is smart enough to twist things to his benefit, he will ensure it's even where he doesn't feel guilty of having wronged you but can also reach a state where you no longer blame him.

How to upset an Aquarius man?

Aquarius is an air sign. This means they have good communication skills and value their freedom more than anything else.

To upset an Aquarius man, you need to hurt his mind.

Work out a plan to deliberately defeat their pride. Make them feel like you don't value their intellect or trust what they tell you and it'll drive them crazy.

Try and control tie them down and they'll run to the hills.

If your Aquarius man feels constrained or trapped around you, especially when he has no plans to be with you in the future, he'll be angered at the thought of a marriage proposal.

Also, if you cheat on your Aquarius man, it will hurt him, especially if he is madly in love with you and is honest about his feelings for you.

Aquarius man is communicative.

So, if you avoid conversations and give him the cold shoulder, it will be incredibly frustrating for him.

Aquarius men are honest and straightforward and don't like being played with.

Even with an enemy, they like to keep it as honest as possible.

If you question their integrity or question his ethics, he might just be triggered to react and blast at you.

These natives deeply care about social justice.

They have deep compassion for people but if you annoy them with unnecessary drama, it'll upset and annoy them. To them, there are bigger issues of humanitarian crisis that they wish to solve.

So, if you bug them with things that are too petty, they'll lose their calm and become upset.

How to make an Aquarius man regret hurting you?

An Aquarius man isn't someone who will easily accept their mistakes.

The Aquarius guy usually lacks the emotions needed to empathize. They would rather blame their partner than easily accept the fact that they could have wronged them.

While they won't mind saying a "sorry" for little issues, something that hurts their ego or makes them feel small will be a tough call.

However, the Uranus ruled Aquarius man is known for being one of the most humanitarian signs.

This means that they do have deep emotions and they can also relate to other people's pain only if they want to.

Because Aquarius men are free-spirited and listen to their hearts, they could struggle to accept things imposed on them unless they are convinced they could have faltered or fallen short of their partner's expectations.

The best way to go about getting an apology from the Aquarius man is to go cold turkey on them.

Maintain some distance and let them know that their indifference has hurt you.

Let them feel your absence in their life.

If you are important to them or they still care about you, they'll make amends. They'll come back to you with a sincere apology if losing you hurts them or they cannot imagine a life without you.


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