How to Know if a Pisces Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Pisces Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Pisces men in love are dreamy, charming and utterly romantic. When not, they can become sweet manipulators who can set the perfect trap for you. The mystical Pisces can be a real player when he wants to keep the equation with you simple. Are you wondering if Pisces men are players? How to know if a Pisces man is using you and not interested in a serious relationship? Will he cheat on you and play you for a fool?

Here are 10 things that will tell you if a Pisces man is using you:

1. He lies to you

The men born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are generally known to be indecisive and also great escapists. When your Pisces man lies to you constantly and escapes without notice, it could be a sign he is only using you for his personal benefits. He is not interested in starting a relationship with you nor will he ever be. You've caught him lying plenty of time and he has been successful in manipulating you to believe him.

2. He only romances you when he needs sex

When a Pisces man disappears after intimacy, it could be a sign he is looking just for a quick fix to his lust. He is just physically attracted to you. Pisces men are sensual and perceive sex as a meditative practice. It's all about good orgasms for them if they are to indulge in sex, more often recklessly. So, if you find your Pisces guy limiting his romance to sex only or seems the nicest to you only when he is physical with you, he is definitely playing you.

3. He doesn't talk about his private life

The chances of a Pisces male leading you on could be high if he is discreet about his personal space. He discusses nothing with you and keeps you on the other side of the fence. When a Pisces man falls deeply in love, he is effortlessly communicative. He is a dreamer. So, he'll speak about his plans and his perspectives with you. If that's not happening, he is not serious about pursuing you.

4. He doesn't speak about settling with you

The Pisces man may take some time finding his perfect match. He wont settle down easily unless he is sure that his partner helps him reach his life goals while he is on his spiritual pursuits. If he is hesitant in involving you in his talks about starting a family with you, he could be in doubt. While he is physically drawn to you, he keeps you at a distance to avoid complications. When there is no clear communication about being a couple, it's a sign your Pisces man is still not into you.

5. He insists on being friends with benefits

The Pisces native loves living the fantasy life which makes them so different and unique. If your Pisces man only wants to be friends with benefits, it is a clear sign he is using you. Being aloof and cold is not a Pisces man's style because he is known to be one of the most compassionate individuals. So, never mistake his niceness for love because he is usually the most loving and kindest soul you'll ever meet. Your Pisces guy can be sweet and flirty with you but if he needs a free pass to seek satisfaction elsewhere as well, he won't be around for long.

6. He doesn't intend to solve your problems

Men are wired to be problem solvers. They make decisions, execute and love winning some accolades. If your Pisces guy isn't desirous of helping you out and saving you from trouble, he does not care about you. You are a victim of his tricks if he is taking a rain check whenever he fears taking your responsibility or doing anything to make you feel special.

7. He is irritated when you speak about serious issues

The Pisces man is the least serious kind but if he really wants to chase someone he will make the gestures that show his right intentions, that is, to treat you with dignity and respect. If he seems to be in an irritable mood when you talk about anything serious, it is a red flag. This could imply that he is withholding something important about himself. The Pisces men have a way with words. So, when he turns the topic or distracts you when you come up with a matter of importance, he is a skilled gamer who has no intention to be your muse.

8. He isn't answerable to you

If your Pisces guy wants to meet you and talk to you away from the public eye, it could mean that he is unsure about flaunting you in public. He believes that he is not answerable to you so he refuses to explain his motives or agenda to you. He does what he wishes to without discussing his plans with you. You are only at the receiving end of his decisions with no say in it. This is a sign that your Pisces man neglects and devalues you. He has no intention of making you his girlfriend or his wife!

9. Your communication is limited to texts

It's quite a rare occasion when the Pisces guy calls you. One reason for this could be that he does not wish to upset you but also keeps you in the loop or he knows he would lose you for good. He wants to play his cards right so texting is an easy option where he can buy ample time to communicate with caution. Also, he can delete his texts and wipe out his communication with you, just to be safe.

10. He doesn't make make real efforts for you

He hasn't done anything that makes you go “wow”. There are no out-of-the-box efforts because he doesn't wish to impress you or make an impact to win your heart. He refuses to make adjustments or compromises to make things easy for you. Infact, you are the one making real efforts to see him happy. Everything your Pisces man does is for his selfish gains and that is all too evident when he chicken out at times when he should step up his game.


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