10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Pisces (Man & Woman)

10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Pisces (Man & Woman)


Pisces is a gentle and nurturing sign of the zodiac. They are known for their compassion and selfless gestures towards all living, both human and animals. However, beneath the tender exterior, lies an escapist and a vulnerable persona, quite hard to understand. Why are Pisces the worst? What is the bad side of a Pisces? What are the weaknesses of a Pisces man and woman? What are the bad habits and negative qualities that a Pisces harbors? What about a Pisces is a major turn off?

Here is a list of 10 bad, negative personality traits of a Pisces that reveal their dark side and sometimes make them disliked:

1. They may be self-indulgent

The Pisces native may ignore their responsibilities and showcase a flaky and unreliable behavior. As deep ocean creatures, Pisces are prone to look for peace and comfort, far away from the chaos and confusion that prevails in everyday life. They could get so consumed in their own thoughts of what's ideal that they fail to be truly present. Self indulgent tendencies cause them to engage in dark thoughts and even seek solace in addictive substances to escape life's predicament.

2. They could be secretive

Keeping secrets is a natural talent of the Pisces native. Mystery is thrilling as long as it doesn't push someone to deal with betrayal and pain. With secretive tendencies, the Pisces native can cause their loved ones to become frustrated and mistrusting. A secretive trait can also eat away into a relationship as there brews a lack of transparency.

3. They are too emotional

Very emotional Pisces natives project their weaknesses on their loved ones. They would frequently get into an emotional overdrive as their intuition picks on negativity too soon. Often they are branded illogical or irrational as unable to handle the harsh realities with sufficient reasoning. They also play the victim card disregarding the needs or expectations of others who may also have legit reasons for their respective behaviors.

4. They suffer from a low self-esteem

Pisces are generally shy and low in confidence. They can be dealing with anxiety and a lack of strong will. As they usually get too attached to those they love, they may also have pleasing tendencies. They do not want to let people down or upset them which causes them to obsess over everything they do. They may feel utterly sad over a difficult conversation being too sensitive and depressed. These personality disorders spill on to their relationships making them repeatedly engage in negative self-talk and lowers their morale.

5. They are moody

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign suffer from frequent mood swings. Pisces may appear cold and difficult to get along with. They could be extremely sweet and compassionate at one end to being aloof and detached at the other end. It's difficult to understand their behavior as it seems predictable to most. They could also be fickle and difficult to love as stability is not one of their best traits. It's wearisome to those who are forced to deal with it and find it manipulative. They may also lose interest quickly and push someone away as they justify being cold and detached to protect their space.

6. They can become pessimistic

Pisces may have trouble believing in their own abilities. They are doubtful and distrusting of others, being fearful of what could go wrong or the possibilities of what could go right. As the natural twelfth house of the zodiac, Pisces may have to undergo many hardships throughout their lives which causes them to give up and even have suicidal tendencies. They may lack the will to stand up and go on when they feel too tired and lonely.

7. They may take things too personally

The Pisces man and woman may be too affected by what people think of them. A constant negative chatter detaches them from their own self to even realize their own worth. As delicate individuals they may lack the art of communicating boldly and assertively. As they jump to conclusions quickly, they get affected by what people say and take things to their heart. They seek validity and approval from the people they love to feel good about themselves which impacts their self-confidence.

8. They suffer from indecision

As Pisces individuals are too scared to take the first move, they could be laid back and inactive. They might have difficulty in making quick and informed decisions and excessive self-indulgence may cause Pisces men and women to refuse to take charge. They may often take life too casually to spare time for an action-oriented approach to navigate through life.

9. They are idealistic

Pisces are overly romantic. They see life through rose-tinted glasses. This philosophical bent of mind drives them to negate the practical or functional aspect of things. Don't be surprised if you meet a Pisces man or woman who believes in Unicorns and Mermaids as they live in a fantasy world. This causes them to be either too trusting of others or too suspicious. They could get easily swayed by flattery to their own detriment. It's hard for a Pisces to fathom reality checks or differentiating fact from fiction.

10. They are clingy

Pisces is not one of the most daring signs of the zodiac. They are insecure and cowardly. They are often dependent on someone who has won over them. Even though they can be easily detached or aloof, they can also showcase a tendency of draining someone emotionally by holding on to them for security. Their neediness may become obvious especially when they are nervous and need the support of someone they trust or when they have a breakdown.


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