7 Things Scorpios Hate!

7 Things Scorpios Hate!


Hard to impress and satisfy, Scorpio men and women hold high standards and have a definite way of conducting their lives. They are basically no-nonsense people who expect unquestionable love and devotion from everyone. What turns off a Scorpio native? What makes a Scorpio run away? What are the reasons a Scorpio ignores someone? What do Scorpios hate most?

Here are a few reasons why Scorpios cut you off and push you away:

1. Scorpios hate naysayers

Ruled by Mars, Scorpios are extremely motivated and driven when they put their mind to something they are interested in. Once they have made a decision, they would go all guns blazing to accomplish what they want. Scorpio women but especially Scorpio men dislike being in the company of those who pull down their energy and lack ambition. The ability of a Scorpio to go to the depths of their area of interest is so profound that it is highly unlikely that they would not succeed in it. This is why they want to be around individuals who stay positive and dedicated.

2. Scorpios hate being lied to

Scorpios can become super suspicious of people who take the path of lies and deceit. They like transparency in their relationships, personal or professional. They prefer keeping their circle small and close-knit. Scorpios are not scared of loneliness and that is why they could be quite picky while choosing their friends or a lover. Trust and loyalty form the backbone of a successful relationship with a Scorpio man or woman.

3. Scorpios hate instability

Scorpios are fond of people who live an organised life. They dislike sudden changes and non-conformity to structures. Unpredictability kills their interest. Scorpio men and women would look for someone who is reliable. They do not give up on someone unless they feel turned off by someone's flakiness. Any commitment with the Scorpio woman would demand intense dedication and standing by promises.

4. Scorpios hate losing control

The men and women born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign also have a bad rep for being incredibly controlling or dominating. They are possessive and having their emotions toyed with is the worst mistake someone could make with a Scorpio man or woman. They are in charge of their lives and prefer exercising their best efforts in all situations. In most circumstances, Scorpios have a hard time being flexible unless they are truly convinced of the merits. Questioning the motives of the Scorpio man or woman could make them unhappy or demotivated.

5. Scorpios hate shallowness

Hypocrites are intolerable to Scorpio natives. Overconfident or those with boastful tendencies can spoil their mood or make them lose interest. They are fond of genuine individuals who can hold their attention with substance. They could easily cut off ties with someone who is two-faced. Scorpios can be very selfless around those who win their hearts. They attach great significance to meaningful relationships. So, a lack of character and silliness can easily become a matter of disinterest for the Scorpio man or woman in no time.

6. Scorpios hate indifference

Scorpios men like passionate people. They have deep disgust towards those who show coldness or have a stiff outlook. As emotional characters, Scorpio women like reciprocity in their sexual encounters. Inability to express oneself can cause misunderstanding with the Scorpio native. Someone acting pricey or unapproachable can turn off a Scorpio man for good. They love the chase but being disregarded or neglected can push the wrong buttons of the Scorpio.

7. Scorpios hate being an option

It's all or nothing for Scorpio natives. If they are made to feel like they don't belong or aren't worthy enough it could immediately make them angry. They hold themselves in high regard and expect respect, love and care in the same way as they are capable of giving. Their dark side could be in full display when they are cheated on. They take their investment of time and energy seriously and when their motives are doubted they could sting.


Sylvia Maloney

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