What to Do When a Virgo Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When a Virgo Woman Ignores You?


The smart Virgo woman has quite a few tricks rolled up her sleeves if she wants to test a potential match. If your Virgo woman is not paying attention, she could be turned off. Has your Virgo woman been acting distant? What does it mean when a Virgo woman is ignoring you suddenly and going silent? How to know when a Virgo woman loses interest?

If a Virgo woman is acting hot and cold and gives you the silent treatment, here is what you need to know and how you can respond to it:

My Virgo woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

She has lost interest. When a Virgo woman is not obsessed about a man, she would seem standoffish and distant. She is clearly letting you know that she doesn't like you anymore or doesn't think you are her perfect match or the ideal mate she is looking for. It may be a sign the Virgo woman is done with you for good. But there may also be other reasons why she is acting cold.

She is too busy. The woman born under the Virgo Zodiac sign is hardworking and a dedicated worker. When she commits to a cause, she gives in maximum efforts even at the cost of losing her personal relationships. So, if there is something that calls for her attention, she will respond to it and may ignore her relationships.

She is testing you. She is quite the sorted woman you will ever find as she over thinks. She knows what she wants and isn't willing to bargain. If you Virgo woman is playing you, she will out you through complex rhetoric questions and situations that prove your intellectual abilities to her.

She has found someone better. A Virgo woman is a serial monogamist. She has no time multitasking with multiple partners. If she finds someone better, she could cut off ties and move on without feeling the need to be answerable, especially if she is tired of an undeserving relationship.

You hurt her. She is quite dignified to go lashing at you or bashing you openly. She is bottling up her emotions as she does not want to involve herself in an ugly argument. So, ignoring to preserve her peace is her best choice. Going no-contact out of the blue only suggests your Virgo woman is hurt.

How to deal with a Virgo woman when she becomes distant?

Ask her directly. The best way around a Virgo woman is transparency. She wants someone strong and dependable, one who has a voice of his own. If she is acting aloof, ask her what the matter is. Communication is the key.

Leave her alone. If your Virgo woman expresses her wish to maintain some distance or seeks a break from the relationship, accept the proposal. The relationship may be a bit too overwhelming for her at the moment.

Never beg before her. You would look pretty clingy or emotionally needy if you start begging her to stay. The Virgo woman hates overly emotional people and that is why it's good to logically clarify your ideas and let her decide without manipulation.

Focus on something better. Let's be honest to ourselves to know that we cannot force someone to stay unless they wish to. If you have to let go, so be it. Your life doesn't stop her just because a Virgo woman rejected you. Redirect your attention to your goals and look for someone more compatible.

My Virgo woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

Avoid stalking her. If your Virgo woman is into you, she will stay in touch. She is sincere and committed in her relationships. Just stop being a creep and disturbing her if you want things to normalize.

Call her and seek closure. Call her to let her know that you did your bit or are willing to make efforts to make the relationship work. If she acts cold and unmoved, you have your answer. Just move on.

Stop obsessing about her. Killing your peace and being upset will lower your confidence. Wish her well and focus on you. She might just come back if she misses you but just do your thing without waiting for her.

How do you know when a Virgo woman is done with you?

She gives you the silent treatment. When a Virgo woman is over you, she holds back the best parts of herself from you. She chooses to let her thoughts and generosity die down. She would prefer being passive aggressive over being too kind and giving.

She never makes plans with you. She would repeatedly make excuses to be away from you. She makes it so obvious that spending time with you does not appeal to her anymore. While she definitely hangs out with other people, you go out of the picture.

She responds late. She does not bother getting back to your texts or calls immediately. Even when she does, her responses are monosyllabic or so short that she lets the conversation fade away. She is uninterested to know how your day was or express her inquisition to initiate a conversation with you.

She criticizes you. She expresses her dissatisfaction with you by picking your flaws and making you feel inferior. It becomes doubly hard to make a Virgo woman happy when she wants to break up.

She totally avoids physical intimacy. While the Virgo woman is not an overtly sexual woman, she does have her kinks. Only when she loves someone too much or is blinded by someone's charisma, she would deliberately showcase her perfectionism and skills in between the sheets. However, when she acts cold, not aroused or lacking the fire, it's a clear sign she does not have a crush on you and does not wish to chase you.


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