Why are Scorpios so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons

Why are Scorpios so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons


As a fixed sign, the energy of the Scorpio is easily perceived as mean, stubborn or intimidating. Why do Scorpios have a hard life and why is it difficult for them to find love? Why is it hard for a Scorpio to let go? What makes Scorpios so hard to date? Are Scorpios bad at relationships and messed up?

Here is what you need to know about the dark side of a Scorpio in a relationship that makes them so unlovable, hated and feared:

1.Scorpios are so difficult and complicated

Scorpios will always test you as they tend to become too vulnerable early on in the relationship. They are always playing mind games to know for sure that they can trust someone with their purest self. Scorpios suffer from suspicion and doubts. So, when they offer their deepest emotions and let off their guards to let someone in, they demand unquestionable honesty and loyalty from their partner. This causes their relationship to become quite complex as their tendency to overpower makes them difficult to love.

2. Scorpios are so hard to get over

Scorpios do not fall out of love easily. Love with a Scorpio is a once in a lifetime kind of an experience, either for the good or bad. It almost seems like they sucks out the soul of their lover. So, a breakup with a Scorpio makes one feel light. Yes, this is the intensity of their emotions that expects a partner to dive right in and find no way out. Electrifying chemistry charms them and keeps them hooked to their lover. They give their all and protect like a warrior. With a Scorpio, there is not a thing to worry as they could take a bullet for their lover.

3. Scorpios are intense and aggressive

The love of a Scorpio will engulf you. They almost behave like they own your mind, body and soul and you start losing your power with a Scorpio lover around. Scorpios are incredibly passionate, observant and intuitive. They operate in the extremes, the highest highs and lowest lows is what describes all of their experiences. Emotions rule them. And when they let you in their space, they almost command your faithfulness which also makes a Scorpio so dark and negative.

4. Scorpios are dominating

Scorpios ruin relationships by their unshakeable opinions and dominating tendencies. Scorpios are so powerful and confident which shows up in the deep knowledge that they possess about their area of interest and passion. They do not appreciate being challenged or talked over, expecting almost a slavish allegiance from their loved ones. While this appears charismatic initially, this may suffocate a partner in the long-run.

5. Scorpios are vindictive

When you ignore a Scorpio or make them feel less important they will hold grudges against you and use the right occasion to get back at you. Their silence is not to be mistaken as their weakness as they choose their battles wisely and plot their moves in a way that their enemies are left destroyed, never to return and cause them the same pain again. They can ruin your life by repeatedly speaking of your past if you took undue advantage of their love and put them down. Treat a Scorpio casually and all hell breaks loose.

6. Scorpios are secretive

Scorpios are so quiet when they are observing you and planning an attack at the most opportune time. They will take your secrets to the death bed. However, if you are someone who likes to communicate all the time and expects transparency from your Scorpio partner, rest assured that there are things about them that they never reveal at all. While they hate liars, they keep some stories under the rug so that it doesn't destroy or sour their present. They love the chase and hence, continue making themselves more elusive and mysterious so that the spice and excitement continues only to realize that their love interest is already tired of these games.

7. Scorpios are so extreme

The weakness of a Scorpio is the inability to maintain balance. They are either hot or cold and never in between. Often judging their moves is a tedious task and extremely draining. Their emotions rule their choices and often this puts them in trouble. Such extreme nature could be chaotic for a person who thrives in routine and loves peace over thrilling adventures. Even sex with a Scorpio is an act of surrender. They exercise no inhibitions when they make love, open to all experiences or they may lose interest.


Sylvia Maloney

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