10 Negative Traits of the Cancer Woman

10 Negative Traits of the Cancer Woman


Cancer women are driven by their moods and conscience. Once triggered, they may react with an emotional outburst and never forgive the one who caused the pain. What are the dominant characteristics and personality traits the Cancer female possesses? What are the weaknesses, the bad, toxic and negative traits of a Cancer woman? What makes a Cancer woman different from other signs in the Zodiac?

So, whether you are a Cancer woman or simply want to dig deeper into her personality, here is the list of the 10 negative traits of Cancer women that make her unique:

1. Cancer women are manipulative

The moon-ruled Cancer woman is a master manipulator. She can use her beauty and emotions to get her way. Yes, while the Cancer woman may project a naive and soft demeanor, she may be sly with wrong intentions up her sleeves. She likes to control those she cares about and this could mean she may impose her dominating side on them however she can.

2. The women born under the Cancer Zodiac sign are unreasonable

Cancer women have a hard time being rational and using logic over their emotions. Her feelings drive her and this means that she may sometimes fail to muster the courage to stick up for the right. She is blind in love and when swayed by her emotions, it could be impossible to convince her and bring her in touch with reality. They are creative and supremely tender on the inside. But just like the waxing and the waning moon, their moods shift and they don't buy into facts.

3. Cancer natives lack focus

Cancer women are distracted and inattentive. They lack mental clarity and focus. In fact, they are quite indecisive and driven by their instincts over reason or rationality. So, it could be a struggle to trust them and to believe that they will stand true to their words. When tricked, they may swing in a different direction and behave in a child-like fashion. Cancer women have a depth of emotions which often causes them to lose track of time and waste their energy in unproductive activities, giving them setbacks in the career unless they build up perseverance and determination.

4. Cancer women hold grudges for a long time

Cancer women might find it painful to let go of someone they once loved so dearly. They are ready to make a compromise and stay even in difficult relationships simply because they are attached and find it hard to let go. In the process, they may tarnish their image and most importantly, have their heart broken. No, this isn't to imply that Cancer women are weak but they could get so carried away but their feelings for someone that good discernment may never be possible.

5. They hold high expectations

Cancer women are highly feminine. They are like mothers who are protective and nurturing. Cancer women love can sacrifice much of their own happiness and aspirations for the benefit of those they call "family". Since they do it, they also start building expectations of being taken care of in the same manner. It's a perfect recipe for disaster because when their needs are unmet or people fail to live up to their expectations, Cancer men can be disappointed and angered.

6. They are closed off

There is also a tendency in Cancer women to ignore, build high walls and keep away people from coming too close to them. This could be because of past hurt that they are too scared to become vulnerable all over again. A nonchalant and selfish attitude often drives even good people away and makes them miss out on good opportunities in life. On an extreme, they could become too conceited and judgemental of people, giving away much negativity that nobody wants to deal with.

7. The Cancer female is sensitive

Cancer women can take things to heart and struggle to forgive people. They have a soft core that may take things too personally. With a gentle and introverted nature also comes the downside of being withdrawn because of unreal fears. So, when Cancer women are broken or dealing with betrayal, they may take forever to let go of the insult or defeat. They're prone to be easily offended when things don't go their way or respect and credit isn't served where it's due.

8. Cancer women struggle to be independent

Known to be clingy or needy, Cancer women may often get jealous of others in no time. As their emotions govern a huge part of their lives, they are far too insecure. Cancer women often feel lonely and misunderstood. This could be because this water-ruled woman is one of the most caring people you'll ever meet. She likes the feeling of being protected and safe. So, she'll only look for spots and spaces that make her feel at home. Embarking on an adventurous journey or taking up tasks never tried before can get her quaking in her boots.

9. Cancer women are materialistic

Cancer women are too concerned about their home and happiness. Home is their safest zone where they feel nourished, calm, and collected. This also means that they are indulgent in all kinds of bodily pleasures, which includes luxurious spends too. As their comfort means so much to them, Cancer women can be put off if they are denied the pleasures and intimacy they seek. In fact, being deprived for too long can make them look elsewhere for support and care.

10. Cancer women are unpredictable

Cancer women are difficult to depend upon. One might find it maddening to deal with the changes in their behavior or even keep pace with who they are. A different side to their personality may show up when you least expect it or they could refrain from offering support if they don't fancy it out of the blue. Happy-go-lucky and highly uncertain in their thoughts and actions, these aren't the most stable people to depend upon.


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